It depends on how fast your body responds to care – everyone is different. After I examine you, I will develop a customized treatment plan and give you an approximate time frame for how long your treatment will take. I will treat you for what you need, no more, no less. CHIROPRACTIC ASSESSMENT After you’ve answered the questions, you’ll receive a diagnostic assessment from Dr. Steve or Dr. Hall. This includes:

  • Physical examination: identifies and focuses on areas that are hurting and uncover other potential problems to your overall health.
  • Range-of-motion testing: assesses how your injury is affecting your mobility. Remember, motion is life!
  • Muscle Testing: identifies areas of weakness that are negatively affecting your recovery from injury. Unaddressed muscle weakness can make you more likely to re-injure the area of complaint and set you up for worse injuries. Don’t let that happen to you!
  • Orthopedic Testing: these tests identify probable strains and sprains you wouldn’t be able to see with the naked eye. They also identify injury to the nervous system, which controls every cell in your body!
  • Flexibility and posture analysis: whether you work in an office or in construction, repetitive stress motions in modern life have an effect on the structure of your body. Our job is to return you to normal, pain free motion as quickly as possible.
  • X-Rays will be taken to look for proper alignment, disc spacing, and subluxations impacting your nervous system. We also take X-Rays to ensure it’s safe to proceed with treatment.

After these evaluations are performed and the results are analyzed, you’ll receive chiropractic services right away and your doctor will come up with a treatment plan specifically geared for your body and the pain you’re experiencing.   CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR HAPPY SMILING PATIENTS HERE: ««<<<<<<<<<<<< Liringis Chiropractic  Call us today You’ll be helping yourself and your family.  Winston-Salem/Greensboro  336-768-1004  NØ SYRINGES AT LIRINGIS