Rib Pain

Rib pain treatment is usually straightforward unless associated with trauma or costochondritis.

The ribcage was designed to give protection to the vital organs, in particular, the heart and lungs. However, compromise was needed to enable us to breathe.

So these organs are surrounded by a cage of bone, interspaced with small gaps filled with muscles, and some other structures, nerves and an artery. They have to rise, increasing the space in the chest, drawing fresh air into the lungs, and then drop again as we exhale.

The ribs have a bucket handle configuration, with one joint in the front, with the breastbone, and three at the back, with the spine, allowing the them to rise and fall rhythmically with breathing.

Rib pain treatment by chiropractors was designed around this beautiful structure. Like anything mechanical, the ribcage too needs maintenance. Both the joints the costo sternal joints in front, and those at the back, can be injured by freak movements.

A sudden sneeze, a bout of bronchitis and trauma such as the injury from a seatbelt in an motor vehicle accidents, or a fall on the fist as in skating can and do injure the ribcage.

The Ribcage

Rib subluxations can be extremely painful. Every breath may be painful. However, the treatment, correctly done is not usually particularly painful.

Firstly your chiropractor will want to rule out conditions of the chest. For example, pleurisy also causes pain with breathing.

Rib Pain Treatment

Rib pain treatment is usually straightforward unless associated with trauma or costochondritis.

Your chiropractor will likely use one of a number of loosening up techniques prior to manipulation. This could be massage, or a vibrator, or stretching, or a mobilising technique.

“The Sprung Rib”

Each rib has three small joints which articulate with the spine. A good sneeze, primarily, but any unexpected movement too, can subluxate one of these joints causing extreme sharp pain. It is characterised by pain while taking a deep breath.

The chiropractic rib treatment is likely going to be a gentle thrust straight onto your back, while you are lying prone. Often the whole area, and your chiropractor will need feedback from you, making sure that s/he is on the correct rib.

Rib Pain Treatment

Rib pain treatment, when associated with chest pain in the front, and particularly at the costo-sternal joint, needs to be gentle.

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